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We have been supplying lighting, emergency lighting and fire alarm products from our headquarters in Coventry, West Midlands for nearly fifteen years. In that time our focus has shifted to energy saving products and solutions. 2014 saw the launch of the F.M division which supplies lighting and emergency lighting control gear.



Such has been the rapid pace of development in energy saving LED lighting that our entire range of commercial lighting products uses LED technology. This means that the vast majority of installations with LED criteria can be met.

Lighting control is a significant factor when choosing luminaire types. LED technology reduces consumed energy and with the correct application of lighting controls, cost of use can be reduced even further. We provide DALI, DSI and analogue 1-10v drivers to work with most LED luminaires.

Our range of bulkhead luminaires provide solutions for all applications. If you require stylish solutions for staircases and corridors or robust fittings for more heavy duty environments then you will find them here.

Many of our products are assembled in our Coventry factory using high quality components supplied by our partners, including Tridonic.

LED downlighters are significantly more efficient than their fluorescent equivalents. The pace of development means that an increase in lumen output and reduction in consumed power further improves energy efficiency and cost savings.

Our range offers a professional selection featuring Tridonic, Philips and Osram control and also a commercial range of imported products.

LEDs love the cold weather – fact! They do not require a specific or consistent temperature to work well which gives the technology a great advantage in most outdoor applications. Our range of IP65 corrosion resistant fittings feature emergency and dimmable versions with integral sensors.

The 600 x 600 traditional office luminaire has changed dramatically. Now, LED fittings can generally meet the requirements in terms of illumination levels and glare control.



Our self-contained emergency lighting products all utilize LED technology. LEDs are perfect for emergency lighting as they offer longer life, better light quality and lower energy consumption; three key criteria for owners/landlords of commercial buildings. An added bonus is that the latest power supply batteries are significantly more environmentally friendly, far more compact and therefore easier to recycle. This makes the luminaires more attractive and discreet over fluorescent products

  • Self contained
  • Central systems
  • Testing systems

                    WK-LED                                              LDE3                                                              WEXLED



Fire Alarm Systems and Products

Most makes of fire ancillary products are available from stock. If you also need additional or replacement components for existing installed systems then we can help you.

This could be a small, single zone alarm for a scout hut, for example, ranging upwards to a multi-zone system for a large food processing site. We have the experience, resources and capability to help you with all of your requirements - no matter how large or small. As we are not tied to one supplier or protocol, we have the flexibility to match the project to the most appropriate equipment, which generally depends on the building type, specification requirements and budget. We are able to survey a building or work from drawings, provide CAD support and design to the latest British Standards. Post installation, we can provide additional support for servicing as and when required.



We stock around 10,000 lighting ballasts and emergency lighting inverters and batteries. All major brands are available. We can provide you with helpful knowledge and advice if you seeking alternatives for redundant items.
We also offer replacement gear trays and lighting refurbishments.



We have converted tens of thousands of standard lighting fittings to incorporate emergency lighting control gear. Most fittings can be modified and now that the LED has become the ‘go to’ component in emergency lighting, a number of new products are available to customers.
Micro LED/EM is claimed to be the world’s smallest source for emergency lighting solutions. The 12mm diameter head combines a powerful output and also houses the charging LED for ultimate discretion.
Z-LED/EM is a high performance linear solution using 6 LEDS and producing up to 180 lumens. It is perfect for integrating into new luminaires or retro fitted into existing products.

Controlling lighting by using sensors and dimming is a very economical and a simple way of saving energy.
Most luminaires can be modified to work in dimming mode by simply upgrading the ballast.

Dimming types :

Analogue dimming
Also known as high frequency regulating or 1-10v dimming.

It offers a dimming range of 100% down to 3% and the control method is generally with a rotary or slider potentiometer.

The light fitting requires a 3 core mains supply and an additional 2 core control cable for the 1-10 v signal cable which is looped around the fittings that are being controlled. This method is gradually being replaced by digital dimming systems.

Digital DSI dimming
Ideal for larger installations this ballast works by taking a signal from a remote device such as a PIR sensor or scene-set controller. The dimming range is 100% down to 1%.

Each light fitting requires a 3 core mains supply and a 2 core signal cable.

SWITCH DIM is a variant of DSI and provides the simplest form of dimming. It is operated by a push to make or retractive switch. Holding the switch down will dim the lighting and a brief press will switch them off.

Each light only requires a 4 core cable which includes a permanent live feed.

DALI dimming
DALI- (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is an international protocol recognised by all of the leading manufacturers of ballasts. As well as offering versatile control in terms of switching and dimming, it also provides monitoring and feedback of lamp and ballast failure.

DALI control extends beyond fluorescent lighting and a number of manufacturers offer HID and LED dimming products.

Each light requires a 3 core mains supply and 2 core signal cable.

Corridor Function
The principle of the ‘corridor function’ is simple. Light is only produced when it is needed.

A Tridonic PCA dimmable ballast with motion sensor enables a light fitting to be more than just a straightforward on/off fixture.

As soon as the sensor detects motion, the luminaire produces full illumination –instantly! Only when the sensor detects the lack of motion will the lighting slowly dim, typically to 10% of the nominal light output.

The lighting can then be set to stay on at 10% strength until presence is detected or, depending on the specification of the ballast, it may be programmed to switch off completely after one minute or 30 minutes absence.

This has a number of benefits for clients. Considerable savings can be made as lights will be on for users…when they need to be on, thereby avoiding unnecessary use and expense over long periods. In addition, improved programming control means areas will not be plunged into immediate darkness, so users will feel more comfortable moving around corridors and car parks for example.

Corridor function can be specified on most new fluorescent applications, but is also ideal as a retro-fit to existing installations as additional wiring should not be required.


We visit many different installations on our regular lighting surveys and the solutions we propose depend upon a number of simple factors:

  • How old is the original lighting?
  • What is the source – e.g., T8, T12 etc
  • What is the area used for?

The easiest thing would be to propose pulling out existing fittings and replacing them with new state-of-the-art LED fixtures. However, this is not always the best solution for clients as consideration is always given to individual circumstances.
Can we really make an energy saving case for switching perfectly good T5 fittings to LED? Well, not always, as the T5 lamp is pretty efficient and the long life versions offer a good match with LED. We are more likely to propose looking at lighting controls, perhaps upgrade the luminaires to dimmable and connect to a simple control system with motion detection and daylight harvesting.

Another example - and a reason to be sympathetic to existing features - was a case whereby attractive Art Deco fittings decorated an entrance to a University. These could not be easily replicated. We built bespoke gear trays with IP rated led modules and now the luminaires have a new life with leading edge technology.
Commonly, we come across large installations of 2D bulkheads running 24 hours a day and consuming lamps at a rapid rate. Our solution is a new replacement gear tray with Tridonic LED controls. Often the tray can be created to be quickly retro-fitted into the bulkhead.
A good case in point involved a large student accommodation block with asbestos problems. This meant that installing new fittings would be problematic. The gear tray upgrade kit saved time and at around 50% of the energy consumed. The payback was very impressive.



Walsall Housing Group

“Smart Systems have, over recent months, designed and manufactured their Zalex LED lighting modules that are a direct replacement for the gear trays in some of our existing light fittings and are continuing to develop replacements for the remainder.

In the short term, this has saved on installation time and should, over the longer term, reduce our energy and maintenance costs.
They are also supplying new Zalex LED light fittings complete, to be installed as part of the refurbishment to the communal areas of our flatted accommodations.

All of our orders have been supplied in a timely manner.”

Paul Newman

Electrical Maintenance Manager

Walsall Housing Group


Smart Systems UK Ltd was established at the start of the New Millennium. Our key objective was to provide lighting, emergency lighting and fire alarm systems via electrical wholesalers. We quickly discovered a niche market providing emergency conversions and modifications for both wholesalers and the OEM market.

Further growth has brought new additions, such as our range of light fittings that are assembled in our Coventry factory.

Securing a large fire alarm contract with a major high street retailer has also resulted in the expansion of our capabilities. We now have a team of people who are skilled in handling all aspects of lighting, emergency lighting and fire projects.

Five years ago, we researched and developed a range of energy saving products that featured lighting controls and LED from our key partner supplier. This has launched us into the growing market of energy saving solutions, supplying retro-fit and new luminaires.

In 2014 we expanded yet again and launched our FM division, supplying all major brands of lighting control gear.


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