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Get ahead of one of the biggest regulatory changes to the commercial lighting industry this century by talking to Smart Systems today. Now is the time for action. The UK is observing the EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive and will be phasing out T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes by February 2024. This announcement […]

Lighting projects for Listed, Conservation or Heritage buildings Find out how Smart Systems UK can illuminate your historic places and spaces Since the dawn of the new millennium, Smart Systems UK has been at the forefront of developing smart and sustainable lighting solutions for a wide variety of clients; from the smallest of installations to […]

Enjoy effective and efficient external lighting without the hassle. Solar lighting has been available in the UK for over 20 years. During this time many suppliers have entered the market with a focus on cost reduction in the consumer space, rather than performance improvements for commercial applications. There are many reasons for this approach, including […]

There’s more than one long-service celebration this year. We’re proud to have over 235 years of experience under one roof!     Smart Systems UK is proud to have had one of the busiest starts to the year in over 22 years here in Coventry.   Despite supply chain challenges and economic uncertainties, our customers […]

Imagine our modern cityscapes without sparkling lights after dusk? Imagine our churches and cathedrals without night-time illumination? Or try playing football on a darkened pitch in deep mid-winter. As cost considerations become front of mind, and responsibility for building efficiency is embedded into regulation and law, every aspect of energy usage is currently under scrutiny. […]

Hotel Lighting With Smart Systems UK Looking To Upgrade or Replace Your Emergency Lighting?   Whether it’s for corridors, receptions or restaurants, emergency lighting is an important factor in the protection of your guests. Smart Systems UK recently helped a large London based hotel group who were searching for a new supplier of emergency lighting […]

Smart Systems UK – From inception to delivery: and beyond. Imagine a brownfield project size of eighteen football fields, where not a single spade is in the ground. Imagine the complexity of working with myriad specialist contractors through every stage of design, build and handover. Imagine the pride of watching almost two years work come […]

When global events happen concurrently, the macroeconomic effects are huge and long lasting. In this short white paper, we consider the events which led us to the current environment and how we’re working hard to find solutions. Smart Systems UK – Overcoming worldwide supply chain issues In over twenty years leading Smart Systems UK, Ian […]

A commercial lighting company from Coventry is helping illuminate the city’s Grade II listed War Memorial at the Limbrick Wood War Memorial Park. Initially approached in September 2021, Coventry City Council were looking for a sustainable solution to replace inefficient existing luminaires, which due to the nature of the installation, needed to run 24 x […]