The testing and result recording of emergency lighting tests is mandatory and in large buildings this can be an onerous task regularly taking up several hours each week for end users or F.M companies. The courts in question are large complex buildings with stringent requirements for health and safety. Each building has over 1000 emergency fittings a number of which are in areas of restricted access.

We selected the M3 Connec, a Dali self test emergency communications system by Tridonic as it provided all of the requirements specified by the client.

Any Dali self contained emergency lighting product may be connected to the system so flexibility in terms of style and function was easy to provide. The fittings are wired as normal with an additional 2 core communication cable linking them together and wired back to the control module or “Gateway”. The Gateway is capable of monitoring and reporting up to 256 emergency points across 4 Dali output lines. Numerous Gateways may be connected together so in theory any number of emergency lights could be connected and controlled.

Monitoring and controlling of the system is by the use of a free downloadable APP and storage is cloud based, the Gateway is connected to the Cloud by ethernet or a traditional wireless interface and the operator may use P.C, tablet or Smartphone for the interface.

The tests are set up in line with regulatory requirements but may be programmed to suit the end user in terms of times of the tests and grouping of the emergency light points. M3 Connec is extremely flexible and adaptable to match specific building and client needs. In this specific case the system was programmed to send an email alert to the external F.M company to detail any faults on the system.

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