Our client occupies three floors of a large office building in central Birmingham with several hundred staff generally sitting at work stations or in meetings. The existing modular light fittings were starting to fail and become brittle with heat resulting in ever increasing maintenance costs.

The objective was to provide a new lighting solution featuring energy savings based on LED technology with individual controls to suit specific needs with minimum disruption and without additional wiring.

Existing fittings are 600×600 twin 55watt TCL with a measured running load of 117 watts each. We specified our 36 watt LED modular featuring twin light modules with glare control.

In addition each luminaire housed a combined presence and daylight Dali controlled sensor interfaced with the
Dali driver in the fitting.

At the time of installation each sensor was pre set to the required lux level but by using a hand held programmer the client was able to fine tune individual fittings to suit the requirements of specific areas of the office and personal requests could be simply and easily satisfied without the need for external involvement.

In summary the client is delighted with the new brighter lighting and particularly with a near 70% reduction in consumed energy coupled with negligible lighting maintenance.

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