Demonstration and viewing area.

Installed Lighting Detail
Globe style suspended fittings with 4 x 42w TCT fluorescent lamps – approximate load 200 watts.

The lighting was causing issues both in terms of running costs due to high energy bulbs and with maintenance costs as the fittings are difficult to access for lamp and control
gear maintenance.

We needed to provide an led solution which would address the two problems of energy and maintenance.Illuminating a spherical globe would be a challenge as the traditional led ‘corn lamp’ style bulbs are not particularly efficient.

We developed a unique triangular sectioned gear tray that could be retro-fitted inside the globe replacing the 4 x 42w fluorescent lamps. Each side of the triangle has 3 number led PCB strips with a driver installed in the centre of the ‘Toblerone’ box.

The new gear tray consumed just 70 watts and with a guaranteed lifetime in excessof 50,000 hours the two problems were comfortably addressed.

90 x 200 watts = 18000 watts

90 x 70 watts = 6300 watts

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