Lighting was provided by twin 58 w T8 corrosion resistant linear fittings and was in need of replacement mainly to reduce energy but also to cut maintenance costs.

We were tasked with providing a solution and specified the “Vesper“ 54 watt LED fitting. The car park lighting runs 15 hours per day due to the lack of natural light and for health and safety reasons. This is obviously very expensive in terms of running costs and lamp replacement maintenance.

Vesper has the option of Corridor Function, which is a perfect fit for this particular installation as it provides light when required and using integral controls it dims and switches off when not required.

We specified two versions so that some of the luminaries dimmed down to 10% light level when absence was detected and stayed at this level providing a comfortable low level light for visitors coming into an unlit car park. The second option again dimmed down to 10% on absence but after a preprogrammed time switched off completely, anyone entering the area automatically and swiftly activates the integral sensors and Vesper is back up to full output.

Energy savings are significant as even without factoring in the sensors the LED product consumes more than 50% less energy than its fluorescent equivalent and with a 5 year warranty backed by industry leading component suppliers maintenance and tube changes are a thing of the past.

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