Smart Systems UK – fluorescent phase-out

Get ahead of one of the biggest regulatory changes to the commercial lighting industry this century by talking to Smart Systems today. Now is the time for action.

The UK is observing the EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive and will be phasing out T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes by February 2024. This announcement has already resulted in spiralling costs of lighting control gear and tube supplies which should encourage everyone using these luminaires to plan for replacements or retrofitting as soon as possible

At the same time, CFL bulbs will be phased out, further reducing the environmental impact of mercury and other dangerous materials in electrical waste (WEEE), plus reducing the costs of daytoday use

What can be done? 

We strongly recommend taking two immediate actions

1-Schedule an immediate review of current installations to understand the capital expenditure required to replace and run more efficient LED luminaires

2- Consider the impact of works, ensuring your chosen supplier and installer can retrofit existing fittings where possible or give assurance of minimal disruption to your business environment

With increasing costs of energy, materials supply, and regular maintenance, combined with a potential shortage of spares, there is little benefit to operating any fluorescent fittings in your building

LED lighting is now not only more efficient but by using quality, handsourced parts, lighting quality is better (no flicker!), longer lasting and requires little or no costly maintenance. With building management software (lighting control systems), efficiency is further improved, and any maintenance can be identified before issues arise.

Let’s make this happen

Smart Systems has been in the business of energy-saving lighting for over 20 years. We’re proud to offer a wide range of highquality LED light fittings for all commercial and industrial applications

To ensure your LED installations meet your requirements now and in the future, we can visit your premises and advise on the best way to improve your lighting in terms of practicality, aesthetic, and budget

Unlike many competitors, we don’t automatically recommend scrapping existing light fittings and replacing them like for like. We have considerable experience in upgrading fluorescent lights into LED without the need to remove the fittings themselves, reducing the cost of new light fittings, and installation costs and minimising damage to décor

We have now supplied over 250,000 replacement LED upgrade gear trays over a wide range of building types in just a few years. Click this link to see information on the upgrade gear trays.

Zalex & Linfit

You can see examples of some of our upgrade projects here.

Don’t wait contact us now

With an exponential rise in demand for replacement installations in the runup to the fluorescent phase-out, we suggest planning and booking your onsite visit with Smart Systems very soon

We can be contacted on our phone number 024 7636 4400 or by email address:



Smart Systems UK – Specialist Lighting For Conservation Buildings

Lighting projects for Listed, Conservation or Heritage buildings

Find out how Smart Systems UK can illuminate your historic places and spaces

Since the dawn of the new millennium, Smart Systems UK has been at the forefront of developing smart and sustainable lighting solutions for a wide variety of clients; from the smallest of installations to complete project management on vast construction sites.

Even where lighting design needs to work within strict design and décor criteria, we’re able to find solutions that retrofit existing luminaires and / or comply with latest regulations and standards of illumination and means of escape.

The Art Deco Retrofit

A few years ago, we were approached to bid for a substantial contract at a large development of upscale Art Deco apartments in south west London. This private complex comprises over 200 dwelling units, each connected via staircases, private walkways, and garden pathways.

Each building is part of a landmark Arts and Crafts development, with conservation area or heritage listings, of which lighting fixtures are an integral part.

Our role was to preserve the integrity of each luminaire whilst replacing fluorescent lamps and manual switches with a full suite of new LED technology including sensor switching and emergency lighting.

This retrofit saves the landlords (and their tenants) some 66% on energy costs and a significant reduction in maintenance charges and stairwell downtime.

Lighting that sets the mood – in any location

Whether you’re looking for a commercial lighting solution for permanent mains connection, or a wireless solar solution for campsites, farms and remote locations, the team at Smart Systems are the experts in finding you the perfect method of illuminating your space.

Our engineers can work with your property or facilities managers to incorporate retrofitting or arrange new installations to meet your exacting specifications and to ensure compliance with safety standards in your location.

Smart Systems UK – Illuminating Ideas for Outside Spaces

Enjoy effective and efficient external lighting without the hassle.

Solar lighting has been available in the UK for over 20 years. During this time many suppliers have entered the market with a focus on cost reduction in the consumer space, rather than performance improvements for commercial applications.

There are many reasons for this approach, including the pace of design and build of commercial space in the UK over the decades where hardwired lighting is part of the blueprint.

2022 and beyond: A changing market

As the commercial property market reaches maturity, property managers are now looking for ways to reduce costs with the swap-out or retrofit of mains luminaires or introduce improved external space lighting without infrastructure costs.

External lighting implementation has often been avoided due to trench digging and the laying of armoured cables. And it’s not just cost; many building landlords refuse permission to undertake this type of installation which results in many dark corners, no-go areas or inadequately illuminated outdoor spaces across the country.

Lighting is a matter of safety too

HSE INDG244 clearly states that emergency lighting should be powered by an external source and provided where a loss of light could create a risk.

With solar lighting being ‘always on’ after dark, these luminaires can provide illumination in external safe refuge areas or at rendezvous points previously unreachable by traditional lighting fixtures.

Solar lighting products which are fit for purpose

We’ve searched high and low to find solar lighting products which meet our criteria:

  • Developed for ambient light rather than direct sunlight installation points (i.e., Perfect for the UK climate!)
  • Developed to produce high output over a long period with negligible deterioration throughout the installation lifecycle.
  • Guaranteed for longevity of application with swappable components (where applicable) and easily replaced Li-Ion batteries.

Trenchless products with endless possibilities

We’re proud to have partnered with an innovative supplier who understands the UK market and develops high-end, new generation solar luminaires which suit a wide variety of installations.

Our trenchless products require no trench digging, no armoured cable, no switchgear, and no ongoing electrical maintenance programme, excepting for the usual risk management surrounding the installation (brackets, fixings etc.)

Light only when and where you need it

Our solar luminaire range are designed to charge during daylight hours and then operate at standby levels from dusk ‘til dawn. Standby lighting provides around 20% brightness output* which then rises to 100% output when movement is detected within a five-metre radius.

After a pre-set period*, the luminaire returns to standby lighting levels unless movement is detected within the operating radius.

This logical approach to external lighting prolongs operating periods during winter months, puts less stress on the internal batteries and LED components and reduces light pollution in sensitive areas.

*Individual settings vary by product. Please see our Pathfinder Series product data sheets for more information:

Low maintenance, guaranteed installations

LED Solar illumination comes in many shapes and sizes. From small LED-Pucks for integration into boardwalks and decks, to full-size street lighting, bollards, and floodlighting.

Each of these luminaires include high-efficiency solar panels either integrated into the fitting or on a separate, wired PV panel. Some models include remote control for individual or multi-fixture control.

As a guide, most models are guaranteed for five years, with the battery warrantied for three years. Please see the product information sheets for more information and speak to our team for further detail.

Which outside spaces are best suited to these luminaires?

Solar illumination is perfect for previously hard to reach areas or where additional lighting is preferable but currently unobtainable or cost prohibitive.

We think that some ideal installation locations would be:

  • Holiday parks, park home and camping sites
  • Outdoor car parks in community centres, parish halls, health centres or other facilities in the public realm
  • Farms, fields, or off-grid installations such as weather stations
  • Self-builds or new developments with limited ability for trench digging or infrastructure installation
  • Areas where EV charging points have been installed that require additional illumination during use
  • Installation areas where no mains supply is present or uneconomic to install

Helping you find the best solution for your premises

Our team of experts can help find the ideal installation to achieve your lighting requirements. Our desktop or on-site surveys can help optimise an installation to ensure maximum light coverage within budget and help ensure the right mix of luminaires to deliver to specification. We can also assist with set-up or initiation of these luminaires to provide optimal performance from day one.

Just talk to our team today to get the ball rolling…

Talk to us for illuminating ideas

Our team are the experts in every aspect of commercial lighting. From individual installations to complex projects, we can help.

Find out more by reading some of our case studies including UK government projects in sensitive and secure locations.

Talk to us today: 024 7636 4400 or email:

Smart Systems UK – 22 years in Coventry

There’s more than one long-service celebration this year.

We’re proud to have over 235 years of experience under one roof!



Smart Systems UK is proud to have had one of the busiest starts to the year in over 22 years here in Coventry.


Despite supply chain challenges and economic uncertainties, our customers are showing their support and trust in our team of experts, and we’d like to thank everyone who helps keep our show on the road.


Developing a great team


This year, our reigning Monarch has sat on the throne for 70 years. An amazing feat of undying commitment to the role, and to the people of the UK and Commonwealth.


As we prepare for a long weekend of celebrations, we’re also recognising our special team, as this year we tally 235 years of experience under our roof here in Oban Road, Coventry.


From the newest member of the team, Louis Sweeney of Internal Sales who has been with us less than a year to our longest serving employee, Jeff Deegan; we’d like to say ‘thank-you’ for your commitment to us.


A special mention


Just as we thank our Majesty for her long service, we would like to recognise two people who have been an integral part of Smart Systems UK for many years.

Firstly, our longest serving member of staff is Jeff Deegan, who has been with us for 21 years. In his amazing period of service, Jeff has seen challenging times and years of meteoric growth, but throughout has provided our customers and his colleagues with exceptional service and quality advice.


Also, a very special mention to Roy Trevis who in his 20 years of service has steered his way through roles in Production and is now heading up our Manufacturing and Bespoke Products Department.


Both individuals have charted a successful course through a myriad of new technology, ever-changing regulation, and more complicated requirements of our customers.


It’s fair to say that Smart Systems would be lost without your day-to-day expertise, so from all of us: a big thank-you for your service.


Come join the team?


We’re always on the lookout for enthusiastic employees to join our team. With an expansion into Solar Energy Solutions under way, it’s a great time to join Smart Systems at the dawn of our next generation technology and services.


At the present time we’re recruiting for a role within the Internal Sales team based at our Coventry Head Office. If you’re interested, feel free to send us your CV and covering letter detailing your experience and we’ll be in touch.

Smart Systems UK – Shining a light on British architecture & Heritage

Imagine our modern cityscapes without sparkling lights after dusk? Imagine our churches and cathedrals without night-time illumination? Or try playing football on a darkened pitch in deep mid-winter.

As cost considerations become front of mind, and responsibility for building efficiency is embedded into regulation and law, every aspect of energy usage is currently under scrutiny.

In this blog, we shine a light on energy efficient floodlighting, which not only does the job, but enhances the subject matter in the hours of darkness.


Enhancing not flooding

Many buildings can come alive at night. Traditional floodlighting uses high wattage sodium vapour or metal halide lamps to create a wash of high intensity light. This type of light is perfect for wide area illumination, but less effective when we want to highlight or enhance intricate architectural detail.

Traditional floodlighting also creates light spillage. With many areas and organisations now more sensitive to light pollution matters and ecological security, there are now even more reasons to consider changes to external lighting systems.


Choosing the right light

In the days before LED lighting technology was sufficiently developed, buyers were faced with very few choices other than wattage, lamp colour choice and luminaire IP rating.

With LED floodlighting around 90% more efficient than its predecessors, buyers and installers should carefully consider the type of light they want to achieve, along with the siting and quantity of fittings they require to do the job.

It’s good to remember that with luminaires requiring much less day to day maintenance, they can often be installed in harder to reach places to ensure smaller or more intricate details than ever before. The best fittings may enjoy up to 50,000 hours of trouble-free use.


Consider colour temperature, brightness and beam

LED Luminaires can be simple, standalone units or controlled via an APP or networked software. This level of lighting personalisation can create almost infinite effects on your building but can also be overused – buildings are seldom pretty in pink!

Brightness is measured in Lumens – a more accurate measurement for LED luminaires than Watts. The more Lumens, the brighter the light. You’ll usually require more fittings (and more Lumens) as your space increases.

Colour Temperature is measured in Kelvin – with the higher degree kelvin figure, the cooler the light. Warm white therefore has a low kelvin number and a higher figure may be more suitable for industrial or cityscape installations.

Installers also need to consider the beam. Luminaires may have a broad beam to mimic more traditional floodlighting or targeted (narrow) beams to pinpoint features.


Doing it right, first time

We’ve installed external LED lighting in almost every location, from commercial locations where safety and security is paramount, to the sensitive nature of illuminating the eternal light at the Coventry War Memorial.

Before embarking on any replacement lighting project, it’s important to understand the effect and cost savings you are looking to achieve along with any restrictions or considerations of the installation.

Our team of lighting experts are happy to listen and recommend an approach that ticks all the boxes and treats your buildings with respect at night.


Smart Systems UK create scalable solutions for every commercial environment. Let us help:

When you’re next wondering at a historic Cathedral or walking the thriving streets of our biggest cities, thank Smart Systems for lighting your way.

Whatever your commercial lighting requirements, Smart Systems UK’s team of experts can help you design and implement lighting solutions which tick every box:

  • Retrofitting existing installations to immediately reduce energy consumption
  • Reduced power consumption and energy bills
  • Improved efficiency and reduced on-going maintenance
  • Better lighting performance over time (less degradation)
  • Ability to adjust lighting efficacy for differing environments
  • Upgradable for remote monitoring and building control solutions
  • Reduced WEEE waste


Don’t waste time, start planning your next lighting project today.

The forward-thinking team at Smart Systems UK are always available to talk about your requirements. Contact them via calling or emailing:

0808 178 9070 or


Smart Systems UK – Hotel Lighting

Hotel Lighting With Smart Systems UK

Looking To Upgrade or Replace Your Emergency Lighting?


Whether it’s for corridors, receptions or restaurants, emergency lighting is an important factor in the protection of your guests.

Smart Systems UK recently helped a large London based hotel group who were searching for a new supplier of emergency lighting products.

A key to this decision was the use of Lithium battery technology in Smart Systems UK’s products, which not only consumes less power but also has a longer design life than other battery types.

This means that our clients have both the comfort of a 5-year warranty on the fittings including batteries and knowledge when it comes to budgeting battery replacement costs. Find out more on our lithium product range here

In addition to improving workplaces, our lighting will also help reduce costs and lower maintenance as many of our products are available with self-test or remote-control functions.

So Why Change To Lithium-Ion Technology?

  • Reduction in energy consumption, typically £5.00 per annum for each luminaire
  • Higher energy density = more compact unit
  • Increased number of charge/discharge cycles, typically 7-10 years service life
  • Better resilience to high/low temperatures
  • Excellent reliability resulting in reduced maintenance costs
  • Five-year warranty on batteries and component


Please call us on 0808 178 9070 and we would be more than happy for a quick chat, provide more information or arrange a site survey.

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Smart Systems UK – Scalability with unrivalled service

Smart Systems UK – From inception to delivery: and beyond.

Imagine a brownfield project size of eighteen football fields, where not a single spade is in the ground. Imagine the complexity of working with myriad specialist contractors through every stage of design, build and handover. Imagine the pride of watching almost two years work come to life. Smart Systems were there!


Where do you start on a project such as this?

According to MD Ian Hill, preparation is the key. Understanding the brief in full and assembling a programme team of trusted suppliers and contractors is critical.

As architects and developers worked on this 73,000 m2 project, the real scale became apparent – enough trunking and cable to extend four times the length of the Great Wall of China and almost 15,000 individual light fittings.

All of this would require a hands-on approach, on-site coverage and continuous quality control to ensure deliverables were made on time and to expectation every time.


Security, Safety and Trouble-free installations are paramount

A project such as this is not just about ‘just in time’ considerations. While the on-time delivery of individual pieces of kit is vital, the choices made of what is installed is just as important.

The logistics centre is designed to operate 24x7x365 and to run at maximum efficiency, therefore downtime of any safety critical lighting installation must be considered in the design – it is simply not be possible to switch off parts of the facility to change a bulb!

In addition, the facility is home to around 800 employees, therefore it requires a high level of risk and safety oversight. To ensure the workforce can evacuate to a place of safety in case of fire or other emergency, we installed 5000 emergency lighting units, controlled by an Osram automated test and monitoring system and supported by 67 battery back-up static inverter units.

An operation such as this also combines machinery, HVAC plant, staff welfare facilities and considerable external space. These are interdependent and each requires a different treatment from a lighting perspective – that’s why the Smart Systems team were embedded within the project from inception to delivery, and beyond.


Efficiency of operation

Efficiency and productivity in an operation such as this can have immediate impacts on the end-user customer experience and the bottom line of the business.

Our twenty years experience within the commercial lighting sector and deep knowledge of the development of energy efficient installations allowed us to recommend and install luminaires to provide quality lighting with high sustainability ratings.


Scale of installation

We’ve already considered the mass of the building but understanding the quality and brightness of individual luminaires is vital to get the project right first time and to stay on schedule.

To illuminate the cavernous space, 300 Longford High Bay fixtures were installed with integrated PIR. These 450-watt fittings provide efficient, powerful light with minimal maintenance.

In the racking aisles, where personnel and automation operate in unison, 9000 linear LED fittings were installed with integrated PIR.

Even at full operation, this huge logistics operation consumes around 80% less electricity than a similar installation just five years ago.


Smart Systems UK create scalable solutions for every commercial environment. Let us help:

When you’re next on one of the UK’s motorways and notice the big box warehouses at the side of the road, think Smart Systems – we may be brightening your journey!

Whatever your commercial lighting requirements, Smart Systems UK’s team of experts can help you design and implement lighting solutions which tick every box:

  • Retrofitting existing installations to immediately reduce energy consumption
  • Reduced power consumption and energy bills
  • Improved efficiency and reduced on-going maintenance
  • Better lighting performance over time (less degradation)
  • Ability to adjust lighting efficacy for differing environments
  • Upgradable for remote monitoring and building control solutions
  • Reduced WEEE waste

Don’t waste time, start planning your next lighting project today.

The forward-thinking team at Smart Systems UK are always available to talk about your requirements.

Contact us today: 024 7636 4400 or via email:

Maintaining our service standards in a supply-constrained environment.

When global events happen concurrently, the macroeconomic effects are huge and long lasting. In this short white paper, we consider the events which led us to the current environment and how we’re working hard to find solutions.

Smart Systems UK – Overcoming worldwide supply chain issues

In over twenty years leading Smart Systems UK, Ian Hill has seldom seen such a challenging business environment. Unlike the handful of recessions seen before by Ian, a peculiar set of circumstances has combined to stress demand, supply and development functions within the company – and beyond.

In our latest blog, we’ve been considering mid-term supply chain matters with Richard Strode, CEO of Tridonic UK Limited. Richard’s current view is clearly outlined in the following quote:

“We find ourselves in almost a ‘Perfect storm’ where the effects of COVID have stimulated a massive hiatus in supply and demand. We see the (supply) impact reaching well into late 2022 and recovery is now being hampered by the latest Omicron wave of COVID. On a positive note, however, the outlook beyond 2022 appears positive with signs of strong investment both in the public and private sectors in the UK.”


What issues are being faced within the Commercial Lighting industry?

 Firstly, we look at the demand side of the business. After a period of complete stagnation, with commercial spaces reawakening or reconfiguring post-pandemic, and environmental pressures becoming front of mind, many Facilities Management (FM) companies, landlords and their investors are looking to their electrical installations to improve the financial performance of their estate.

Add to this the pressure from customers, employees and government bodies for firms to be more sustainable in the medium term, we suddenly have a market for smart and sustainable installations in thousands of locations.

Of course, this incredible demand is the dream of businesspeople worldwide, but at present there are blockages to overcome…

We therefore must consider supply side matters. With LED innovation and manufacturing mainly located in the Far East, the production line cessation seen in the early days of the pandemic caused an immediate reduction in supply.

Despite this pause being relatively short and reactionary, many manufacturers were hit with wide scale cancellation of forward orders in almost all industry sectors and countries in the service driven west, who all expected recovery to be slow – at best.

Of course, this was far from reality. Demand for all sorts of integrated circuits from those used in cars to lighting increased exponentially, resulting in massive demand and a supply chain from raw materials to the availability of shipping containers unable to cope.

These global issues will take time to resolve, especially as Britain’s exit from the single European market continues to challenge more local logistical issues from port to warehouse – and beyond.


How long will the current situation take to resolve?

Our current forecast is that the pace of manufacturing is increasing and therefore commercial electrical hardware will start shipping early in 2022. This would result in an easing of shortages late in Q1 and into Q2.

A key consideration is that demand remains incredibly high from all industry sectors, so even with increased supply, back orders or delays in supply will be likely into Q3 or Q4, 2022.

While we are doing all we can to improve forecasts and plan on behalf of our customers, we should all use this time to innovate, develop solutions and get ready for implementation as product arrives.


What is Smart Systems UK doing to help their customers?

Firstly, if we are out of stock, the whole industry will be facing the same challenge. Some suppliers may receive items a few days before, some after – but ultimately supply chain issues will tend to resolve at similar times.

Another route is to consider the situation further up the supply chain, i.e., to consider the upstream components which form part of the product design and manufacturing process. By working with leading suppliers such as Tridonic, we can help influence those key suppliers, broaden the supply base and integrate our own standards throughout the cycle.


Our approach is threefold:

  1. Create a strategy with all our customers to ensure that bespoke projects are planned, approved and installation contractors ready to go as soon as stock arrives.
  2. Ensure that QC and local manufacturing facilities and assembly resource is available for a just-in-time turnaround of products upon arrival.
  3. Ian and his leadership team will take time to focus on innovation by working with key suppliers such as Tridonic to create brilliant lighting solutions for all commercial environments. These innovations can then be brought to market as supply chain matters ease into 2022 / 2023.


Smart Systems UK create solutions for every commercial environment. Let us help:

Whatever your requirements, Smart Systems UK’s team of experts can help you design and implement lighting solutions which tick every box:


  • Reduced power consumption and energy bills
  • Improved efficiency and reduced on-going maintenance
  • Better lighting performance over time (less degradation)
  • Ability to adjust lighting efficacy for differing environments
  • Upgradable for remote monitoring and building control solutions
  • Reduced WEEE waste


Don’t waste time, start planning your next lighting project today.

The forward-thinking team at Smart Systems UK are always available to talk about your requirements. Contact them via email or by calling: 02475 093555


A Sustainable Lighting Solution for the Coventry War Memorial

A commercial lighting company from Coventry is helping illuminate the city’s Grade II listed War Memorial at the Limbrick Wood War Memorial Park.

Initially approached in September 2021, Coventry City Council were looking for a sustainable solution to replace inefficient existing luminaires, which due to the nature of the installation, needed to run 24 x 7, 365 days per year.

Working closely with Edmundson Electrical Coventry, Ian, Jeff and the team at Smart Systems UK found an ideal LED product to replace existing fittings and fulfil an exacting specification for installation in a sensitive, listed building.

Following successful trials, the light quality was assessed by experts to ensure the protection of local insects, birds and bats in their natural habitats, with the final installation of four luminaires taking place in November 2021.

The resultant works have created a like-for-like light output, whilst reducing energy costs by upwards of 75%. The chosen product is designed for reliability and efficiency, with minimal ongoing maintenance and reduced on-costs for Coventry City Council and local Council Tax payers.

About Smart Systems UK

Smart Systems UK is an innovative Commercial Lighting company based in Longford, Coventry. With over 30 years industry experience, MD Ian Hill leads an expert team specialising in lighting solutions for all types and scale of commercial installations.

Installations at Coventry War Memorial

To meet the requirements of Coventry City Council, Smart Systems UK chose the QSSI Kitty Hawk with an amber lens to precisely achieve the correct colour temperature.

Memorial in snow Image courtesy: @BBCNews, @BBCNewsHausa – sources must be considered, tagged or accredited in all communications.

Smart Systems UK – A Smart and Sustainable LED Lighting Solution for Specialist Locations

For over ten years, Ian Hill and his team at Smart Systems UK has been developing sustainable LED lighting solutions for a wide variety of commercial applications across the UK.

Known for their creative thinking, Smart Systems UK was recently invited to pitch for a contract with an executive agency of the UK Government in a location where security is of paramount importance.

Much of the contract facility was illuminated by costly and wasteful fluorescent luminaires, which were security protected and embedded into the fabric of the building. Work to remove these installations and replace with energy efficient models would be both expensive and time consuming, resulting in significant disruption for personnel within the facility.

With the existing lighting needing an overhaul, Smart Systems UK proposed a unique and imaginative solution which preserved the existing (and Home Office approved) lighting carcass but retrofitting them to accept the latest LED lighting and gear assembly.

Improved sustainability and reduced costs by the most efficient route

Smart Systems UK was selected as the preferred supplier for this installation as they were able to demonstrate:

  1. Significant reduction in installation time, resulting in less disruption for personnel, and reducing ‘downtime’ within key areas of the facility.
  2. Reduced power consumption of the new installation, which potentially saved the UK Government (and taxpayers) in excess of £16,000 per annum or around 86,000 KwH.
  3. Reduced maintenance of installations, with modern LED luminaires requiring very little maintenance or replacement during their normal lifespan.
  4. By utilising existing secure installations, Smart Systems UK were able to prevent the scrapping of around 500 metal and plastic fabrications entering landfill.
  5. The programme will save over 40 tonnes of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere each year in comparison with the current installation.

With contract negotiations complete, Smart Systems UK agreed a programme of works to ensure security protocols were maintained, while ensuring the safety of all personnel. To this end, works commenced in line with expectation and will continue for around eighteen months.

Creating solutions for every commercial environment

Not every commercial installation requires security considerations to be paramount, but almost all locations have their own individual requirements. With this in mind, Smart Systems UK’s team of experts can help you design and implement lighting solutions which tick every box:

  • Reduced power consumption and energy bills
  • Improved efficiency and reduced on-going maintenance
  • Better lighting performance over time (less degradation)
  • Ability to adjust lighting efficacy for differing environments
  • Upgradable for remote monitoring and building control solutions
  • Reduced WEEE waste

It’s easy to get in touch with Smart Systems UK

The team at Smart Systems UK are always available to talk about your requirements. Contact them via email or by calling: Telephone: 024 7636 4400 | Email: