Solar Powered LED Bollard(Dual Sided)

With a unique and innovative design, the Pathfinder SB09 Solar LED Bollard directs all light downwards, ensuring no upward light output, ideal for areas where zero light pollution is required.
A motion-sensing LED solar-powered bollard with battery power; the Pathfinder SB09 has been designed for outdoor use where no electrical power is available or where energy saving is demanded. Made from aluminium and producing 2,000 lumens, the Pathfinder SB09 has a 160 sensing angle and offers an 8m diameter of light, which can be emitted from both sides or just one side of the bollard.
Surface mount kit provided for easy installation. Fit base to ground using bracket and two spikes, then slide bollard onto the base and secure using Allen screws provided.

• Double-glazed mono crystalline solar silicon PV panel
• Super bright light panel, 2000LM, 4000K
• Each side has 10 watt of LED light, producing 1000lm per side
• IK8 impact proof
• Two working modes for different applications
• Different working modes can be selected individually on each side
• Easy to install
• IP65 waterproof
• Optical Lens to optimise light efficiency, this not only makes the light much brighter, but also anti-glare
• High performance LiFePO4 battery 26650/6000mA/6.4V
• Easy to replace battery
• New design of PIR sensor with wide detection angle (160) and detective area of 10 meters

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