Slim and stylish suspended led exit sign.

The HANGEX sign luminaire offers a really attractive method of providing an illuminated safety sign with adjustable suspension heights from a surface mounted gear box and with no visible power cable.

The integral LEDs illuminating the double sided engraved safety legends have long life (>50,000 hours) and operate at very low energy. These luminaires feature a plastic gear box and an extruded aluminium LED housing which also retains the engraved legend panel.

The integral circuit incorporates a push to test function and indication of general faults or if the LED panel has failed.

The height of the panel can be set by adjusting the lengths of the suspension wires via slide and lock holders in the gear box. The suspension wires also provide the SELV electrical supply to the LEDs so there is no need to have a visible power cable.

The HANGEX luminaires are designed to comply with EN60598.2.22.

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