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Hotel Lighting With Smart Systems UK

Looking To Upgrade or Replace Your Emergency Lighting?

Whether it’s for corridors, receptions or restaurants, emergency lighting is an important factor in the protection of your guests.

Smart Systems UK recently helped a large London based hotel group who were searching for a new supplier of emergency lighting products.

A key to this decision was the use of Lithium battery technology in Smart Systems UK’s products, which not only consumes less power but also has a longer design life than other battery types.

This means that our clients have both the comfort of a 5-year warranty on the fittings including batteries and knowledge when it comes to budgeting battery replacement costs. Find out more on our lithium product range here

In addition to improving workplaces, our lighting will also help reduce costs and lower maintenance as many of our products are available with self-test or remote-control functions.

So Why Change To Lithium-Ion Technology?

  • Reduction in energy consumption, typically £5.00 per annum for each luminaire
  • Higher energy density = more compact unit
  • Increased number of charge/discharge cycles, typically 7-10 years service life
  • Better resilience to high/low temperatures
  • Excellent reliability resulting in reduced maintenance costs
  • Five-year warranty on batteries and component

Please call us on 0808 178 9070 and we would be more than happy for a quick chat, provide more information or arrange a site survey.