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For over ten years, Ian Hill and his team at Smart Systems UK has been developing sustainable LED lighting solutions for a wide variety of commercial applications across the UK.

Known for their creative thinking, Smart Systems UK was recently invited to pitch for a contract with an executive agency of the UK Government in a location where security is of paramount importance.

Much of the contract facility was illuminated by costly and wasteful fluorescent luminaires, which were security protected and embedded into the fabric of the building. Work to remove these installations and replace with energy efficient models would be both expensive and time consuming, resulting in significant disruption for personnel within the facility.

With the existing lighting needing an overhaul, Smart Systems UK proposed a unique and imaginative solution which preserved the existing (and Home Office approved) lighting carcass but retrofitting them to accept the latest LED lighting and gear assembly.

Improved sustainability and reduced costs by the most efficient route

Smart Systems UK was selected as the preferred supplier for this installation as they were able to demonstrate:

  1. Significant reduction in installation time, resulting in less disruption for personnel, and reducing ‘downtime’ within key areas of the facility.
  2. Reduced power consumption of the new installation, which potentially saved the UK Government (and taxpayers) in excess of £16,000 per annum or around 86,000 KwH.
  3. Reduced maintenance of installations, with modern LED luminaires requiring very little maintenance or replacement during their normal lifespan.
  4. By utilising existing secure installations, Smart Systems UK were able to prevent the scrapping of around 500 metal and plastic fabrications entering landfill.
  5. The programme will save over 40 tonnes of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere each year in comparison with the current installation.

With contract negotiations complete, Smart Systems UK agreed a programme of works to ensure security protocols were maintained, while ensuring the safety of all personnel. To this end, works commenced in line with expectation and will continue for around eighteen months.

Creating solutions for every commercial environment

Not every commercial installation requires security considerations to be paramount, but almost all locations have their own individual requirements. With this in mind, Smart Systems UK’s team of experts can help you design and implement lighting solutions which tick every box:

  • Reduced power consumption and energy bills
  • Improved efficiency and reduced on-going maintenance
  • Better lighting performance over time (less degradation)
  • Ability to adjust lighting efficacy for differing environments
  • Upgradable for remote monitoring and building control solutions
  • Reduced WEEE waste

It’s easy to get in touch with Smart Systems UK

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