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Smart Systems UK – From inception to delivery: and beyond.

Imagine a brownfield project size of eighteen football fields, where not a single spade is in the ground. Imagine the complexity of working with myriad specialist contractors through every stage of design, build and handover. Imagine the pride of watching almost two years work come to life. Smart Systems were there!

Where do you start on a project such as this?

According to MD Ian Hill, preparation is the key. Understanding the brief in full and assembling a programme team of trusted suppliers and contractors is critical.

As architects and developers worked on this 73,000 m2 project, the real scale became apparent – enough trunking and cable to extend four times the length of the Great Wall of China and almost 15,000 individual light fittings.

All of this would require a hands-on approach, on-site coverage and continuous quality control to ensure deliverables were made on time and to expectation every time.

Security, Safety and Trouble-free installations are paramount

A project such as this is not just about ‘just in time’ considerations. While the on-time delivery of individual pieces of kit is vital, the choices made of what is installed is just as important.

The logistics centre is designed to operate 24x7x365 and to run at maximum efficiency, therefore downtime of any safety critical lighting installation must be considered in the design – it is simply not be possible to switch off parts of the facility to change a bulb!

In addition, the facility is home to around 800 employees, therefore it requires a high level of risk and safety oversight. To ensure the workforce can evacuate to a place of safety in case of fire or other emergency, we installed 5000 emergency lighting units, controlled by an Osram automated test and monitoring system and supported by 67 battery back-up static inverter units.

An operation such as this also combines machinery, HVAC plant, staff welfare facilities and considerable external space. These are interdependent and each requires a different treatment from a lighting perspective – that’s why the Smart Systems team were embedded within the project from inception to delivery, and beyond.

Efficiency of operation

Efficiency and productivity in an operation such as this can have immediate impacts on the end-user customer experience and the bottom line of the business.

Our twenty years experience within the commercial lighting sector and deep knowledge of the development of energy efficient installations allowed us to recommend and install luminaires to provide quality lighting with high sustainability ratings.

Scale of installation

We’ve already considered the mass of the building but understanding the quality and brightness of individual luminaires is vital to get the project right first time and to stay on schedule.

To illuminate the cavernous space, 300 Longford High Bay fixtures were installed with integrated PIR. These 450-watt fittings provide efficient, powerful light with minimal maintenance.

In the racking aisles, where personnel and automation operate in unison, 9000 linear LED fittings were installed with integrated PIR.

Even at full operation, this huge logistics operation consumes around 80% less electricity than a similar installation just five years ago.

Smart Systems UK create scalable solutions for every commercial environment. Let us help:

When you’re next on one of the UK’s motorways and notice the big box warehouses at the side of the road, think Smart Systems – we may be brightening your journey!

Whatever your commercial lighting requirements, Smart Systems UK’s team of experts can help you design and implement lighting solutions which tick every box:

  • Retrofitting existing installations to immediately reduce energy consumption
  • Reduced power consumption and energy bills
  • Improved efficiency and reduced on-going maintenance
  • Better lighting performance over time (less degradation)
  • Ability to adjust lighting efficacy for differing environments
  • Upgradable for remote monitoring and building control solutions
  • Reduced WEEE waste

Don’t waste time, start planning your next lighting project today.

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