Solar Lighting

Our new range of solar powered LED lights comprise the very latest technology in both LED components and Solar PV. By utlising optimised LED and PV cells in our lights we are able to supply commercial LED lighting solutions that will stay illuminated during the UK winter months.

Simple  to install and incredibly efficient, solar powered lighting offers the perfect solution where mains powered lighting isn’t suitable or is just too expensive  to install. Solar powered LED lights are a very popular type of fitting especially for commercial applications. They can be installed in and around car parks, at entrances to commercial buildings, along footpaths, in outdoor shopping centres and such like. The LED light output is great in providing low level amenity lighting without causing light pollution. Typical spacing would be approximately 5m apart or further depending upon the requirements of the application.

All of our LED Solar Lights have built in motion sensors, allowing for even better battery performance. In standby mode, the LED will illuminate at 30% brightness, once movement is detected within a 5 metre radius, the LED will illuminate to 100% for 30 seconds, ensuring the area is lit at the required time

Pathfinder Solar Series

Solar Bollards

Our Solar LED Bollard Lights are a very popular type of fitting especially for commercial

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Solar Bollards-Anti Vandal

The strongest bollard you’ve ever seen! Engineered to perform like conventional bollards, Pathfinder solar bollards feature

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Solar Pedestrian Lights

Our Solar LED Pedestrian Lights are a very popular type of fitting especially for commercial

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Solar Powered LED Bollard(Dual Sided)

With a unique and innovative design, the Pathfinder SB09 Solar LED Bollard directs all light

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Solar Street Light

The solar powered LED Street Light takes exterior solar lighting to the next efficient level.

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Solar Street Light(All in One)

The compact solar lighting solution! The ultimate fully integrated solar street light system, featuring a simple

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Solar Floodlights

Introducing the PATHFINDER Solar Floodlight range, an off-grid lighting solution for multiple applications. A strong

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Puck-Solar Ground Light

Solar Puck ground lighting units are designed to provide 360° night time visibility in off-grid

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