We carry out many lighting surveys across a wide range of buildings producing schemes for new and upgraded lighting solutions.

We consider ourselves to have a different approach to most other lighting providers. So rather than automatically looking to supply new like for like luminaries for modern led fixtures we can often upgrade existing fluorescent gear trays for an led equivalent.

Given this method the end user will get all the benefits of an led fitting in terms of performance and energy saving but with a reduced level of expenditure.

The benefits to this approach are significant.

Reduced disruption- in existing working buildings to both the ongoing function of the building and the décor as replacement gear trays can be quickly installed without significant changes to the existing light fittings and building fabric.

Cost- retro fitting new led components into existing light fittings is generally a lower cost outlay than installing new luminaires.

Technology upgrade- building and providing new gear trays offers the opportunity to simply upgrade the luminaire at the same time by providing Dali dimming control,occupation and daylight sensors and emergency lighting.

It is important to note that when we upgrade lighting products the replacement control gear we provide will be from world leading suppliers typically Tridonic or Philips so the quality of the performance will not be compromised.

Such has been the success of our approach to providing lighting upgrades we have now supplied over 100,000 gear trays for linear and bulkhead style applications as well as many bespoke versions for a wide range of lighting products.

See the case studies section for examples of our wide ranging and imaginative success stories.

See the example below for our upgrade product ZALEX – LED MAINS & EMERGENCY UPGRADE TRAY