The testing and recording of emergency lighting tests is mandatory and in large buildings this can be an onerous and expensive task. Self testing emergency lighting is a good start point but to record results, the emergency lights must be connected to a central controller which can require additional cabling with all the associated on costs.
The Smart EM3-Connec-Wireless is an extremely simple and effective solution using wireless technology to connect any emergency luminaire, initiate the test regime, gather the resulting test reports and print as necessary.

The wireless node is installed inside or adjacent to the self test emergency fitting and then, with no additional wiring to be installed, the system is ready to be commissioned.
Using a tablet or similar device, the software will ‘find’ the emergency fittings which then enables the grouping of the emergency fittings and the setting up of the testing times in line with the necessary standards

• Emergency lighting tests are run automatically and reports generated.
• Local control and remote access if required by use of Collater/Gateway via the cloud.
• Scalable product with unlimited number of emergency fittings.
• Wide range of emergency lighting products available to suit all installations.
• UK design and manufactured.
• Testimonials available on request.

Suitable for:
• Warehouses & Industrial
• Offices
• Hospitals & Care homes
• Retail
• Car Parks
• HMO (Home of multiple occupancy)

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