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Enjoy effective and efficient external lighting without the hassle.

Solar lighting has been available in the UK for over 20 years. During this time many suppliers have entered the market with a focus on cost reduction in the consumer space, rather than performance improvements for commercial applications.

There are many reasons for this approach, including the pace of design and build of commercial space in the UK over the decades where hardwired lighting is part of the blueprint.

2022 and beyond: A changing market

As the commercial property market reaches maturity, property managers are now looking for ways to reduce costs with the swap-out or retrofit of mains luminaires or introduce improved external space lighting without infrastructure costs.

External lighting implementation has often been avoided due to trench digging and the laying of armoured cables. And it’s not just cost; many building landlords refuse permission to undertake this type of installation which results in many dark corners, no-go areas or inadequately illuminated outdoor spaces across the country.

Lighting is a matter of safety too

HSE INDG244 clearly states that emergency lighting should be powered by an external source and provided where a loss of light could create a risk.

With solar lighting being ‘always on’ after dark, these luminaires can provide illumination in external safe refuge areas or at rendezvous points previously unreachable by traditional lighting fixtures.

Solar lighting products which are fit for purpose

We’ve searched high and low to find solar lighting products which meet our criteria:

  • Developed for ambient light rather than direct sunlight installation points (i.e., Perfect for the UK climate!)
  • Developed to produce high output over a long period with negligible deterioration throughout the installation lifecycle.
  • Guaranteed for longevity of application with swappable components (where applicable) and easily replaced Li-Ion batteries.

Trenchless products with endless possibilities

We’re proud to have partnered with an innovative supplier who understands the UK market and develops high-end, new generation solar luminaires which suit a wide variety of installations.

Our trenchless products require no trench digging, no armoured cable, no switchgear, and no ongoing electrical maintenance programme, excepting for the usual risk management surrounding the installation (brackets, fixings etc.)

Light only when and where you need it

Our solar luminaire range are designed to charge during daylight hours and then operate at standby levels from dusk ‘til dawn. Standby lighting provides around 20% brightness output* which then rises to 100% output when movement is detected within a five-metre radius.

After a pre-set period*, the luminaire returns to standby lighting levels unless movement is detected within the operating radius.

This logical approach to external lighting prolongs operating periods during winter months, puts less stress on the internal batteries and LED components and reduces light pollution in sensitive areas.

*Individual settings vary by product. Please see our Pathfinder Series product data sheets for more information:

Low maintenance, guaranteed installations

LED Solar illumination comes in many shapes and sizes. From small LED-Pucks for integration into boardwalks and decks, to full-size street lighting, bollards, and floodlighting.

Each of these luminaires include high-efficiency solar panels either integrated into the fitting or on a separate, wired PV panel. Some models include remote control for individual or multi-fixture control.

As a guide, most models are guaranteed for five years, with the battery warrantied for three years. Please see the product information sheets for more information and speak to our team for further detail.

Which outside spaces are best suited to these luminaires?

Solar illumination is perfect for previously hard to reach areas or where additional lighting is preferable but currently unobtainable or cost prohibitive.

We think that some ideal installation locations would be:

  • Holiday parks, park home and camping sites
  • Outdoor car parks in community centres, parish halls, health centres or other facilities in the public realm
  • Farms, fields, or off-grid installations such as weather stations
  • Self-builds or new developments with limited ability for trench digging or infrastructure installation
  • Areas where EV charging points have been installed that require additional illumination during use
  • Installation areas where no mains supply is present or uneconomic to install

Helping you find the best solution for your premises

Our team of experts can help find the ideal installation to achieve your lighting requirements. Our desktop or on-site surveys can help optimise an installation to ensure maximum light coverage within budget and help ensure the right mix of luminaires to deliver to specification. We can also assist with set-up or initiation of these luminaires to provide optimal performance from day one.

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Find out more by reading some of our case studies including UK government projects in sensitive and secure locations.

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