Solar Puck ground lighting units are designed to provide 360° night time visibility in off-grid areas. They fit almost flush with the ground surface and are skidresistant, making them an ideal option for cycle paths and pedestrian walkways.
By minimising light pollution they’re eco-friendly too. Constructed from industrial grade polycarbonate and compression tested to 55 tonnes, Puck solar ground lights are certified IP68 waterproof and IK10 impact resistant and almost 100% vandal proof.
Tested in UK weather conditions with ongoing rigorous quality control, this is the practical, economic and sustainable wayfinding lighting solution.


• Simple to install & maintenance free
• IP68 & IK10 rated
• Vandal proof
• ‘Bat Hat’ option to reduce upward light spillage for conservation areas
• Low-cost installation
• Long led lifespan: 100,000+ hour
• Long life batteries: 8+ years
• Automated on/off function

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