The solar powered LED Street Light takes exterior solar lighting to the next efficient level. We have combined a high lumen per watt LED chipset (130 lumen per watt) and combined this with an advanced MPPT controller and highly efficient solar panel. Coupled with a high volume advanced Lifepo4 battery for durability and stability, this is truly a cutting edge design with market leading performance. Due to the 360 degree rotating solar panel on a built in bracket horizontally and 180 degree rotating bracket vertically, this panel can be pointed in the direction of the sun for optimum solar gain. This means you can place the LED luminaire over the area you want to light, while the panel points to the sun, making it a very versatile solar light solution.

• NO Electricity consumption
• NO Running costs
• NO Cabling/Trenching
• 5 year warranty (3 years for battery)

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